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Swan Song
Ryan Jenkins is fighting for the world, but he is losing himself in the process.

The Eris Freedom Initiative brought Ryan Jenkins back to life to use him as propaganda. No one expected him to become the leader of a revolution.

Two months after the events of Phoenix Rising, Earth and the seven remaining asteroids in orbit are divided in a bloody revolution. The Earth Freedom Initiative fights in the shadows and undermines the Trade Union at every turn, bolstered by the Fall of Eris and the leadership of Ryan Jenkins.

However, it seems Jasper Montgomery and his Trade Union still have the upper hand. The streets of Babylon are filled with EOSF officers and the media is controlled by the men in power. Without drastic changes and operations, the EFI will become just another failed insurgency. Ryan cannot let that happen.

After all, he has an entire world to avenge.

Swan Song is the last book in Kevin Kauffmann’s Icarus Trilogy, focusing on themes of truth, perception and parenthood, the novel shows the last days of the war to free humanity.


This book was by far the best of the three. The story keeps evolving and getting better. It's an eye opener, if people read the series with that in mind, he could evolve into another household-name in political/sci-fi authors.

Tamara Appelman

I rate these books right up there with the Harry Potter series and all of Suzanne Collins series including The Hunger Games and Gregor the Overlander


Out of the trilogy I think Swan Song is the most well written, and though it becomes almost frustratingly dark at times the story is compelling and climatic.

Jacob Ian Wall

This has to actually be one of my favorite series I have ever read. It was an easy read with just enough sci-fi and gore to drag anyone into its emotional and great story line. I really liked every aspect and have recommended it to quite a few friends already.

Swan Song

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