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Phoenix Rising
The revolution is about to start, but the hero is dead.

Phoenix Rising continues the story of Ryan Jenkins and his teammates from the Crows. They are slaves to a corporate system that uses death and resurrection as just another hidden fee; their pain the entertainment for the masses. Most people watch War World and just think it’s the next best thing in sports.

The Eris Freedom Initiative wants to change that.

They have recruited doctors, undercover agents and soldiers, but the system in place is oppressive and far-reaching. The corporations and alliances that build up the Trade Union are the true power on Earth and its eight daughter asteroids. And above all of them stands War World Entertainment, the company which owns Eris, a planet full of slave soldiers.

These corporate masters have promoted Ryan Jenkins as a hero, but the man fighting and dying on those screens is not the same boy from New Chicago. He was changed, behaviorally modified, and is a symbol for the Trade Union’s corruption. He is a sociopath who enjoys killing; a hero for all the wrong reasons. That’s why The EFI is planning to bring the real Ryan Jenkins back.

But can humanity rely on a man who killed himself?

Phoenix Rising is the second book in Kevin Kauffmann’s Icarus Trilogy. Telling a story of heroes and redemption, the novel shows what happens when corporate corruption has gone too far.


There are only a few other authors who, have produced a sequel that outshines the first (among them I would list R.A. Salvatore, Raymond E. Fiest, Steven Brust, Charles DeLint & L. E. Modesitt Jr. to name a few of my favorites). This is pretty heavy company... but I say what I think

Wrongway "Web"

By the end of Phoenix Rising I have found myself in that most wonderful of places - experiencing a compelling story as if it is happening in front of me (rather than having to be pulled from the printed words).

M. Pasztor

It actually manages to overcome that sophomore slump we see sometimes in trilogies. Doesn't hold anything back.

Brad Roylston

Definitely feels like the author figured out his style in this book and it's just awesome.

Andrew Dodson

Emotional, real people in an eerily similar money-fueled future.

Kyle Tharrington

I don't usually read a lot of sci-fi but I loved that this delves more into the characters and their psyches. I might call it "sci-fi light" as it has the advanced technology and space travel to qualify but deals much more with the human condition.

Andrea Bazakas

Kauffmann doesn't seem as preoccupied with catering to the fickleness of surface readers, instead exhibiting the conviction to explore a more intricately woven preface that evolves eloquently into Phoenix Rising and the rest of the trilogy.

Tyler King

Really happy with this book and am really looking forward for the final to the trilogy. These books were very good at bringing out raw emotion.

Phoenix Rising

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