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Murder of Crows
You know what they say about freedom? It's choosing your way to die.

Murder of Crows is based in a not-so-far-flung universe where humanity did not reach the stars but instead found itself mired in corporate takeovers and local politics. In order to deal with overpopulation and pollution the governments of the world decided to tow asteroids from the Kuiper Belt into orbit around Earth, add atmospheres and transform them into miniature planets. While most of the asteroids were designed for colonization, Eris was destined for constant commercial warfare. Most people just call it “War World” after their favorite television show.

The lower class thinks that War World is the best thing since the beginning of the universe. All of the soldiers are divided into teams and, in order to maintain rosters, each soldier is cloned prior to the games. When they die, their consciousness and memories are transferred into the new clones and the process begins all over again. What the rest of humanity doesn’t realize is that each death and resurrection is incredibly painful and disorienting. In addition, due to the costs of resurrection after their deaths each one of these soldiers becomes a slave to this cruel system. 

Rarely do any of them make it off the asteroid.

The novel tells the story of Ryan Jenkins and his teammates from the Crows, one of the best teams in the system. Drawing on themes of grief, freedom and coping with an uncaring world, the story centers on the trauma these men and women experience as they die for public entertainment. 

Author’s note:  So, you might notice that this first book is a free download through the site in all major formats.  This is not a mistake.  Above all else, I want people to read my books.  If that means offering the first one for free, so be it.  I only have two requests.  The first, of course, is that, if you like it, you tell your friends and spread the word.  And the second is that, even though I’ve offered the files on the site without DRM, I would really appreciate that you go ahead and grab it on either the Amazon or Apple marketplace, too.  If I can get high enough in the rankings, the extra attention may be enough for the series can really take off.

Over two years, I worked my ass off trying to get these books done as fast as possible, even going back to fix the problems that readers found with them, and I’m now re-releasing them as “Anniversary Editions.”  With all the work and extra care I put into them, I would like you to see the “final product.”  This series has swallowed up two years of my life and, while it was painful from time to time, I’m glad that I’m able to share it with people. 

These books aren’t for me.  They’re for you.  All I ask is you let people know so that I can make a career out of this writing thing.



If you have been lost since The Hunger Games ended these books will bring you back.

Meredith L. Fahey

I think this author has bestseller potential and want to see him reach it.

Melissa Green

You can almost smell the cordite, kick aside the shell fragments, duck inside the blasted remains of a building alongside the fighters... I believe this author has major talent and I look forward to more novels from him.

Sarah Smith

I don't usually read a lot of sci-fi but I loved that this delves more into the characters and their psyches. I might call it "sci-fi light" as it has the advanced technology and space travel to qualify but deals much more with the human condition. Can't wait to read the next two books!

Andrea Bazakas

Kauffmann doesn't seem as preoccupied with catering to the fickleness of surface readers, instead exhibiting the conviction to explore a more intricately woven preface that evolves eloquently into Murder of Crows and the rest of the trilogy.

Tyler King

I feel like I've seen the resurrection and futuristic fight-to-the-death games ideas done before, but the author's writing gives it all a unique twist that makes it all seem new and awesome. Murder of Crows is most definitely worth a read. It’s fun, intelligent and a pretty quick read.

Andrew Dodson
Murder of Crows

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