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Icarus: The Anniversary Edition

Cheaper than buying all three individually and including an appendix discussing the old and new content, the Anniversary Edition is the definitive version of The Icarus Trilogy.

Icarus: The Anniversary Edition
The definitive version of Ryan Jenkins' struggle against the Trade Union.

You know what they say about freedom? It’s choosing your way to die.

After being turned into futuristic gladiators, that freedom to die is really all the men and women of Eris have left. Based in a world only a few centuries beyond our own, The Icarus Trilogy tells the story of Ryan Jenkins and his friends from the Crows, one of the most successful teams on an asteroid devoted to constant corporate-sponsored warfare.

They fight, die and are resurrected to die again merely for the amusement of a callous and misguided society, which has been corrupted by the influence of the Trade Union, the all-encompassing economic group that has enslaved the world. It seems like there is no hope for humanity, stuck in an endless cycle of debt and indentured servitude.

All of that is about to change. Ryan and his friends will see to that.

A year after the publication of Murder of Crows, this anniversary edition has been released to better illustrate Kauffmann’s vision for the Icarus Trilogy. This collection includes completely revised versions of all three books in the series, Murder of Crows, Phoenix Rising and Swan Song, and also has an appendix where the author discusses the writing process, the revisions and some of the major themes of the series.

Adding more description, characters and a new subplot for Swan Song, this anniversary compilation is the definitive version of Kauffmann’s Icarus Trilogy, a series known for strong characters, social critique and mythological allusion.


Its about guilt, and sin, and freedom, and things greater than ourselves, and what makes us human. Its about truth when its ugly or when its pretty. It takes an ugly situation and produces some of the noblest human intention that can be thought of. This series is truly amazing.

Reddit User "Mr. Loki"

Loved all three books. I ignored my boyfriend for a week while I read them. I definitely recommend grabbing these and giving them a go!

Reddit User "AuntieChiChi"

This is a really good read. I recommend it for anyone that likes some sci-fi with a political drama in the backdrop. The whole Icarus trilogy is great.

Reddit User "magictiger"

Couldn't put it down until I finished. Granted, I was reading on my phone and my amount of sleep that night went down to about 2 hours, but it was totally worth it. Get it. Get it now. You'll not be disappointed.

Reddit User "pizzaboy192"


Reddit User "EpicFeo"

[Kauffmann] managed to create a world where I crave to find out what happens next. After reading Murder of Crows, I had to immediately start reading Phoenix Rising. The ending of Phoenix Rising compelled me to start up Swan Song. As someone who doesn't read as much as he should anymore, it was a welcome change.

Reddit User "t3hguitarman"

I had the pleasure of acquiring [Kauffmann's] trilogy for free. I love it so much, that I want to thank him for writing it, by acquiring it once more, this time with cash. I love his style.

Reddit User "Ta-Kumsawa"
Icarus: The Anniversary Edition

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