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Ghosts of Earth

When Niccolo and Cadmus inherited visions of Lucifer’s death, they never considered they would fail to stop it. However, their enemy had been prepared and no matter how hard they tried, Lucifer died and the portal to Earth was opened. Thinking of nothing but revenge against Azazel and Beleth, the demons responsible for Lucifer’s death, Niccolo and Cadmus pursued them onto Earth only to have the portal shift and close behind them. After rising from Hell, the Horsemen found themselves standing on the plains of Napoli, their enemies nowhere to be found.

That was how the Horsemen of the Apocalypse became stranded on Earth.

After two months of fruitless searching, Niccolo and Cadmus have found that Earth had changed since their demise. Feudalism is prevalent throughout Europe, all traces of their former lives were gone and, most disturbingly, the Black Death started just as they arrived. It did not take the Horsemen long to realize that they were responsible, but there was nothing they could do. They were created to start the Apocalypse, and it was starting with or without their help.

However, once some friends rise up from Hell to find them, Niccolo and Cadmus quickly discover there is something more important at stake. As long as Azazel and Beleth escaped justice, there would be no way to know what Adonai intended during the Apocalypse, no way to know what danger they would face. So, even as Niccolo is plagued with memories of Lucifer’s past and Cadmus is drowning in visions of the future, the Horsemen realize they have no other choice.

They would avenge Lucifer or die trying.

Ghosts of Earth is the second book in Kevin Kauffmann’s Forsaken Comedy, a story focusing on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their desire to save humanity. Mixing together mythology, history, science fiction and a heavy dose of action, the Forsaken Comedy is a different kind of Biblical Apocalypse.


The middle section of Kevin Kauffman's Forsaken Comedy trilogy is here and it does not disappoint. It presents even more of the fresh ideas and creative reinterpretations of Christian and pagan mythology alike that made the first book, From Hell With Love, such a treat.

trashcanman - Vine Voice on Amazon

Be prepared to have a few hours of free time set aside to read this book in large portitions, as you probably won't want to set it down. I, personally, found myself up multiple nights past 2AM reading, knowing full well I had to be up at 5 and at work by 6:45. Totally worth it.

pizzaboy192 - Amazon reviewer

Ghosts of Earth is the continuation of To Hell with Love, and I have to say I love both of these books! I have been sucked into a world where everything you know to be true is lies, where God is the antagonist, and the devil was a really good guy. Now before you say no to this book because of religious beliefs, let me say that I am a born again Christian. This is a work of fiction, a fine one at that. It has been very enjoyable for me to suspend my beliefs, see notable men and women throughout history with totally different stories to tell. This book has an original and unique story line, characters you fall in love with (or hate), and the author has a great writing style.

Danielle ATZ - Amazon reviewer

For some reason, after reading "From Hell with Love", I didn't immediately look for this second novel of the series; I am most heartfelt sorry for that - reason being, it was AWESOME! It is rare that I find a series that I actually feel for and care for what happens next to the protagonist and their entourage. The forsaken Comedy is most definitely one of those series! After mentally gorging on the Ghosts of Earth, I was more than ready to leap directly into the third and final part of the series. If there is one series that you get for your Kindle, this should most definitely be it!

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