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From Hell With Love

Niccolo da Firenze was stubborn and defiant his entire life.  It was only fitting that he would end up in Hell.

As the Horseman of Pestilence, Niccolo is destined to bring about the Apocalypse, but he usually spends his days with his friends and new family. After his tragic life, Hell was a breath of fresh air, a place where he truly belonged. Most of the time, Niccolo forgets the world is about to end or his part in it.

That is until the Pale Rider inherits a vision of Lucifer’s death.

And so Niccolo begins his frantic journey to uncover a conspiracy involving ancient demons, corrupted humans and even a few gods. For Niccolo, there is far more at stake than the destruction of Hell, far more at stake than losing his home or failing in the Apocalypse. If that vision comes true, someone will murder the person who has become a father to him.

This is the story of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and how they rode to save the Devil.


Very, very cool - easily one of the most modern and energetic beta books I've read.

Jerry Holkins aka "Tycho" from Penny Arcade

The book's saving grace is in Niccolo himself as a character, in how he suffered in his life in Renaissance-era Florence. The chapters flashing back to his fall from grace as a merchant prince, due entirely to accident, are what give the book its – well – its humanity. The many ultra-violent demon battles and bickering between fallen hideous creatures are all very well, but without Niccolo and his relationship with Cadmus, another deceased warrior, this book would lack the strength to stand. But it does, and there is a hel – I mean quite a cliffhanger in store. The ending promises a fascinating sequel.

L.T. Patridge of the Kindle Book Review

It's unique enough to be in a class of its own.

Danielle ATZ - Amazon Reviewer

Every single person you meet in From Hell with Love is written in a very convincing and believable way. Kauffmann doesn't shy away from making his characters rough around the edges and true-to-life in the way they act. Like the Icarus trilogy, this book reads like any good book should: You don't want to stop reading it until it's done.

pizzaboy192 - Amazon Reviewer

It's not often that an author can take a demonic assassin who idolizes the Devil and is tasked with ending the world and make you cheer for him, but Kauffmann definitely pulls it off.

trashcanman - Vine Voice on Amazon

The story is based heavily on Christian mythology and written with a Robert Heinlein (JOB: Comedy of Justice) / Neil Gaiman (Good Omens) type of feel, where there are serious things at stake, but its also kept kind of light? I enjoyed it in those books, and I enjoyed it here.

Andrew Dodson - Amazon Reviewer

It may offend people who are religious. I have no idea. I DO know that I loved all the characters and the story was fantastic. I was not expecting to care about demons, or Lucifer- but I did. In fact, this trilogy was so good that I had a hard time dragging myself back to reality after reading on my lunch break. I even teared up a few times and was sad to see it all end.

Sara Levine - Amazon Reviewer

Some weeks ago, having just finished reading NOS4A2, was browsing through my kindle collection to choose the next book from my “to read” list and saw “From Hell with love”. I thought to myself “the hell with it” in an unsuccessful effort to seem witty in my head and started reading. I know now, that if my schedule wasn’t so busy lately, I would have finished it in a matter of days.

Gio - Amazon Reviewer

I got this book when it was free, thinking of reading it if I had the time. As soon as I started it, I made time. Each word flew into my mind, engulfing me in a harmony of emotions I have hardly experienced from reading. The characters are amazing and the writing describes everything in detail, allowing me to plummet into its world with the force of a thousand suns.

T. Ros - Amazon Reviewer

Writing books as part of a planned series is a tricky act, managing to keep an arching plot active and intriguing while giving personal closure can be a difficult task and From Hell With Love does it without breaking a sweat. Vibrant prose and strong characters fill out the world painted in this tale, and a remarkable cast will drive home the powerful opening to this saga. I cannot endorse this more strongly.

Chris Lombardo - Amazon Reviewer
From Hell With Love

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